Simple Ideas to Make Your Small Office More Feng Shui

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It’s easy for an office space to feel dreary and stressful. The pressure of work can get to us, and our office can become a space filled with nothing more than projects and deadlines. If that is what your office space has become, there are simple ways to transform your area to be a place you want to be in. Part of that transformation requires decorating your room to be peaceful and calming rather than stressful and anxiety-inducing. Setting up your workspace in the style of Feng Shui can aid you in achieving this, so if you’re looking for the best small office feng shui office layout, here are a few ideas to get you there!

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging a room based on the natural energy flow that it should have. It incorporates the natural flow of a room with ancient concepts to keep the room feeling open and calm. While it's easy to be overwhelmed by the task list for the day, more and more businessmen and women are adapting feng shui practices to lift some of that stress from their workspace. These practices are easy to implement and make a big difference in the atmosphere of a room. So why not give it a try? A little intentionality can go a long way.


The first thing to consider when making your office more feng shui is where to place your desk. The desk is not only the focal point of your space but also the place you’ll be spending most of your time. A key principle to observe here is called the Commanding Position. In the framework of Feng Shui, the different segments of a room would be viewed in relation to the door placement. The commanding position, therefore, is the farthest away from the door. This is a crucial spot because it's out of the way from foot traffic, but it's also facing the door, which provides a sense of power and control over the room's dynamic. Because this space is such an essential facet of creating a feng shui office space, this would be a perfect place to put the desk.

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Another consideration when placing your desk is where the light sources are. Ideally, you want your workspace to be well lit. So it’s important to note the placement of the window(s) in your office. Ergonomically, it's essential that the window not be placed directly in front of or behind the desk. In cases such as these, the direct light can cause eye strain, and it might even reflect off your computer monitor, making it difficult to see. The ideal place for your desk would be with the window next to you. Because the ergonomics of your desk are so vital to the serenity of your space, we have created an article with all the details you need to know


When creating your feng shui office, pay attention to the energy and flow of your workspace. You want to place each piece of furniture with intention so that people can navigate the room easily and so the pieces work together seamlessly. For example, if a filing cabinet is placed in the middle of everything, it will always be something people stumble around. These kinds of slight changes to furniture placement can make a big difference in keeping the positive energy of your space intact.

Other things

In addition to this, placing each item where it makes the most ergonomic sense is important. For example, if your computer monitor is placed so that you always have to twist around to reach it, that repetitive motion will start taking a toll on your body. Instead, think about how you can make the least amount of movement in the most comfortable ways. Find a keyboard that releases tension from your wrists. Find a monitor stand that places your screen at eye level, so you’re not craning your neck every day. Maybe even find a standing desk that allows you to adjust it based on what is most comfortable that day. Taking care of your body will keep your space feeling calm and stress-free, even on your busy days.

Making the intentional steps it takes to make your small office space more feng shui can seem overwhelming, so a simple first step is paying attention to the room's balance. An important aspect of feng shui decor includes all five elements: wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. What are the pieces in your office made out of? Are they primarily metal? You might want to add something wooden. Is there not enough variety? It might be helpful to bring more balance to your space.

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For those lacking wood, the following bamboo monitor stand will bring a natural look to your office and keep your monitor at the right height.

For those who need a little extra “fire”, the glow of the following LED lights reflecting off the wall might be just the warmth your space needed.

If your space needs a little extra slice of earth, the following wheatgrass planter will be just the decor you need.

If water is what you need, the following humidifier will take your office from dry and dull to filled with life and energy in no time.

And finally, if you don’t have enough metal pieces, you might benefit from the following sleek metal desk.

If you take note of the commanding position, your desk positioning, the elements in your office, and the flow of the space, your office space will quickly start feeling more feng shui. Though it might seem like a big task at first to transform a stressful space into one of rest and peace, the process is all about these small intentional changes. Of course, you don’t need to make those changes all at once, but slowly as each piece in your office begins to serve an intended purpose, you’ll be taking a sigh of relief each time you open the door. Before you know it, you’ll have the most Feng Shui office in the building!

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