About us

Founded in 2017 by Igor Ermakov, ZenWorkPro is all about educating the public of a more ergonomic way of completing one’s task. As a professional with comprehensive experience in programming, he had spent a lot of time working on the computer. After experiencing recurrent pain in the neck and back after some years of programming, he dedicated much of his time in finding relevant information about posture, standing desks, proper eye level, special furniture, various computer setup, and other pertinent topics after personally experiencing the positive impact how simple changes to one’s own workspace can affect one’s productivity and health. This inspired him to create his own platform on ergonomics. Thus, ZenWorkPro was born.

ZenWorkPro has grown into an independent blog and review platform online for all related ergonomic information. Its main goal is to provide the public with the right information about how the right contours, angles, and the way we interact with everyday products can make a huge difference in relieving pain that will allow us to work more efficiently. ZenWorkPro has been publishing the Internet's biggest ergonomic-focused blog and review site comprehensive across many ergonomic categories including ergonomic furniture, ergonomic devices and all the things you need to know about computer ergonomics.

ZeWorkPro also has a wide range of ergonomic products to help you work more comfortably. Our product collection includes ergonomic Keyboards, Mouse/Trackpads, Monitors, Arm/Shelves, Tables, Chairs, Computers, and Headphones/Speakers among others. Workplaces, whether at home or in the office, wanted to be more proactive and promote good ergonomics, but the cost of the equipment and lack of available information was often prohibiting this. This is what the company aims to change and provide the public with a more accessible platform that will help them guide their decision about affordable ergonomic products available in the market today.

ZenWorkPro is all about providing cost-effective ergonomic solutions and information on all things ergonomic such as standing desks, modern recliners, chairs, monitor arms, and a whole lot more. As one of the fastest growing providers of high-quality and innovative ergonomic workplace and home office solutions, ZenWorkPro helps lead the ergonomic industry to minimize work-related injury, promote productivity, and improve overall health by providing ergonomic workplace solutions.