A Quick Guide On How To Decorate A Small Office At Work

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Now that the majority of professionals across the world are going back into the office, it’s time to make your office space a home away from home. Whether you’re in a shared office space, a private office, or an open office, you can decorate your desk in a way that’s both ergonomically correct and aesthetically pleasing. As you transition from your home office back into the workplace, this is the perfect time to take everything you loved about making your space personalized at home, and bring that same pizazz to your new workspace.

If you work in a small office space that doesn’t have a lot of room for furniture or bulky items, there are still ways to decorate in a way that makes your space comfortable and unique. As long as you have a desk, you have everything you need to make sure your office is a place you can work well. So let’s get started to make your office space perfect for you. Here is everything you definitely need for your workspace to decorate and make it your own:

A Desk

Of course, you need a desk in your office, but what kind of desk? There are a lot of desks that will be more of an eyesore than anything else. If you’re trying to decorate your small office to look nice and not cluttered, you’ll need a desk that is minimalistic, practical, and trendy. You want to have an office that looks like it was set up by an interior designer, so it's not just the office you like to be in - but it’s the best office at work!

To start your office decor strong, you’ll want the perfect desk. We highly recommend the Tribesigns Computer Desk.

This desk looks modern and sleek with its minimalistic frame and trendy finish. It has faux wood details that take the look up a notch. For a crowded office space, the simplistic frame is perfect to keep your office feeling open and decluttered. It’s got a 55” x 23.6’ desktop surface that is the perfect blank canvas for all your work supplies and office decor.

The best part about this desk is the way it accommodates a variety of workspace needs. For professionals with a taller build or longer legs, this desk provides plenty of legroom. Another problem most people don’t anticipate is that some workspaces have uneven floors. This would not be a problem with this computer table desk because it has individually adjustable leg pads on each metal leg that can be raised or lowered to make sure the workspace is completely level. This desk is also incredibly durable. Despite its simplistic frame, it is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, which ensures its durability. The desktop surface is made from thick laminated MDF, which makes it waterproof and anti-scratch. So you don’t have to worry about those early morning coffee spills. This desktop is incredibly easy to clean and keep tidy.

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If you’re going to keep your workspace free from pesky cords and plugs, these speakers will be a real asset to your office setup. These sleek speakers will upgrade any space to look more clean and sophisticated. The Fluance Speakers have a clean white front with a wood-paneled side that will complement the wood accents of the desk and brighten your space.

The most cluttered part of a desk is often the mess of tangled cords laying all over. These speakers eliminate that issue with their cordless Bluetooth design that will pair with your PC, laptop, TV, or turntable.

These speakers can easily fill the room with quality sound, or for a shared workspace, they will ensure that you are the go-to DJ when some background music is needed to increase office productivity. Their moderate size allows them to fit comfortably on any workspace without overwhelming the area while also providing a crisp and balanced sound. Level up your office space with a quality pair of speakers that will add to the look rather than detract because of annoying cords.

Non-Slip Table Mat

If you want your workspace to look sleek and simple, you’ll want to utilize as many multipurpose decor items as possible. That’s why we love this Non-slip Table Mat.

This mat can be used as a mouse pad, a desk protector, or a comfortable spot to rest your hands and wrists. The black rubber design makes it simple, but it also adds to the modern look of a black desk.

This mat is a great solution if you have a lightweight keyboard that has a tendency to slip around on your desk surface. As you are typing, it provides a nice cushioned surface for your wrists to rest, so that you are more comfortable throughout your workday. If you are someone who likes to keep things in the right place, this mat will ensure that everything stays put. This keeps your workspace organized, accessible, and clutter-free. With every item in its place, your workspace will also be more ergonomically friendly because you won’t need to make repetitive bending, stretching, or twisting motions that can cause tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. With this sleek table mat, you’ll be protecting your desk surface and your body.

Artificial Shrubs

Part of what makes a good workspace is your mental well-being when you’re in that space. If all you see are papers and projects, it might feel a bit overwhelming. One thing that can brighten the space and make it feel a little more pleasant to be in is a nice plant. Of course, you could bring your own home-grown plants to the office, but it can be hard to keep them alive when the light sources are scarce, the watering schedule depends on your office hours, and the temperature isn’t ideal for plant life. However, those are all wonderful reasons to invest in a high-quality artificial plant to brighten up your workspace.

If you find the right artificial plant, like these shrubs, they will be indistinguishable by the naked eye from authentic living plants.

None of your office mates or coworkers will be able to tell the difference! The plants are made from durable plastic that will not deteriorate or wilt over time. Your space will have a pop of color that makes it feel more vibrant and alive. And the best part of having plants in the office is that the vibrant green gives the eyes a healthy break from looking at the computer screen, and therefore helps you focus more effectively. Taking a short break from looking at a screen is extremely healthy and these gorgeous plants will be amazing to look at!

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Wheat Grass Planter

Speaking of plants, everyone has different tastes for which plants they like the most. If artificial shrubs aren’t your thing, you might consider getting this artificial wheat grass planter. This planter is as simple as it gets - it’s just grass.

But if you’re looking to create a pleasant workspace, having a little greenery present is always a good thing. As we said, it will provide a great break from staring at a screen on those days when the workload gets a little overwhelming. If you’re going to zone out a little, zone out by looking at this beautiful planter and its vibrant green grass.

This planter will ultimately help you achieve that zen workspace we’re all after. It will help keep your office area calm, peaceful, and filled with life. It will be a little piece of nature for you on the days when you’re stuck in the office. And because of this planter's small frame, it's perfect for a small office area that might seem cluttered with something larger. Keep your workspace zen with a little greenery!

A Lamp

Since we’re keeping your workspace from becoming dismal, everyone needs a little more light in their life! For the rainy days when the sun just won’t shine, the gloomy winter afternoons, or the early evening hours when dusk comes sooner than we’d like...a lamp will provide the soft and natural light that harsh fluorescent lights never will. There are plenty of light and lamp options online that can provide just the amount of light you’re looking for. The other perk of having a lamp in your workspace is that the variety of lamp styles available can help you bring a little more of your personality to your office. Do you like chic modern-style lamps or retro classic style lamps? When it comes to desk lamps, there are hundreds of options out there to help you make your office space shine!

Many people don’t know that lamps can be ergonomically placed to provide the ultimate level of comfort and the precisely desired light source. We wrote an article here to help you find the most ergonomically helpful place to position your desk lamp so that it’s comfortable and practical. This is especially important for offices that don't have natural light sources like a window. Any type of overhead light can often feel sterile, so the warm glow of a lamp will make your workspace feel welcoming and warm.

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Lumbar Support

If you want the most comfortable office space possible, you’ll want some good lumbar support to keep your back well-supported. Especially in office jobs where you’re sitting down for the majority of the day, lumbar support is crucial to keep your back in proper alignment. If you spend six or eight hours a day sitting improperly, you are setting yourself up for pain and stiffness later. To keep these aches and pains from coming up, a good lumbar support pillow like this one will be a huge asset to you.

If you don’t already have a nice office chair that provides good lumbar support, you’ll definitely want to check out the Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Limiter Task Chair.

This chair is positioned to provide the ultimate lumbar support on a daily basis. One of the primary features that are helpful on this chair is that there are several ways it can be adjusted or tilted to fit your body and your needs in the optimal way possible. To learn more about proper lumbar support, we wrote this article to provide you with all the most important details.


If you don’t have an iMac, your office space isn’t complete.

This computer comes in a variety of colors to fit your preferences and style. It comes with a color-matching mouse and a color-matching keyboard so your office looks clean and coordinated. This Mac has such a sleek and modern look that keeps your workspace clean and simple. The screen is thin and compact, which keeps your desk space from being bulky and cluttered. The processor is silent, which gives you a quieter space to work where you can focus better.

Not only will an iMac ensure that you can be more productive and work more efficiently in your office space, but it also provides a way to work with excellence. The 1080p Facetime HD camera creates a crisp and high-quality video image that will set you apart in office Zoom calls. The ultrafast wifi, Bluetooth capabilities, and file transfer make it so technical difficulties do not obstruct your workday or slow down your workflow. The 512GB storage will make sure you have the space for everything to make your work run smoothly.

If you’re looking for the best ways to organize and decorate your small office space, these items will definitely take your desktop from drab to fab, while also being ergonomically sensitive. With the right setup, each of these items sitting on your desk will provide you a way to get your work done efficiently, productively, and comfortably. With all the added comfort and all the extra time, you can truly enjoy the office space you're in. No longer does your office need to be a place you dread to be. Now, with the help of ergonomic products like these, your office space will become the zen oasis that you need.

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