The Benefits of Getting A Desk With Standing Option

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Want to say goodbye to your ancient stationery desks? A desk with a standing option is not only quick to adapt to new assignments but is a trendy move in today's dynamic world of business as a buffer to certain types of degenerative ailments. Our bodies don't get any better by sitting all day long for 8 to 10 hours per day. And that's why an adjustable desk is a vital piece of equipment in our daily workspace.

And with internet dominance, I bet you have probably heard how unhealthy it can be to sit for too long. It is an amazing conundrum because the concept of the workplace desk and chair is geared towards making you relax, use less energy, and still be productive throughout the day. but ironically, sitting down for lengthy periods, according to studies, minimizes brain function, which is counterproductive in relation to workplace demands.

So, if you have considered yourself in need of a work-from-home space lately, or you and your colleagues are thinking to put in a request for your boss to do a furniture overhaul at the office, then this post is what you need. That said, we shall look into how and why you need to ditch your traditional office desk for the height-adjustable one, its health merits, and how you can go about incorporating standing into your daily work routine. And through the step-by-step instructions (that we shall get to later), you will learn how to make a sturdy height-adjustable desk that can cater to your sitting and standing preferences at work. Let's get started.

What risks are associated with too much sitting?

Is it bad to sit all day?

First and foremost, sitting uses less energy compared to say, standing or moving. Studies have linked sitting for lengthy periods to several health concerns, including obesity and other lifestyle conditions such as:

  • High blood pressure.
  • High blood sugar.
  • Excessive fat accumulation around the waist (also referred to as abdominal cholesterol) that results in metabolic syndrome.
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.

Sedentiary work leads to back pain

Further studies have found out that extended sitting at the desk, in front of a screen, or behind a wheel pose a health risk. And data analysis on sitting time and activity levels indicated that people who sit for eight or more hours daily without physical activity had a death risk similar to that posed by smoking and obesity. However, a counter analysis of the same data showed that involvement in intense physical exercise for 60 to 80 minutes could counter the degenerative effects of too much sitting.

So, what does this say about too much sitting? The few studies that have been done always almost certainly point to the idea that sitting contributes to mortality in the same fashion as smoking and obesity would. But that does not apply to people who are the most active.

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And whereas more studies are still needed to ascertain the effects of sitting and physical activity on health, one thing is clear: Less sitting and more actively contribute to better health overall. And whether it is at the office or home, you can start incorporating standing into your work schedule via:

  • If your workspace is a desk, work while standing or improvise with a higher table or counter.
  • You can position your work surface above a treadmill.
  • Taking short breaks at intervals.
  • Stand every time you talk on the phone.

The impact of movement at the workplace can be tremendous. From burning calories and the increased energy from weight loss to toned muscles, you will enhance your health and overall ability to be productive at work.

Why you need a height-adjustable desk

For starters, standing improves blood flow, burns calories, enhances focus, and offers all-around health benefits. And it doesn't have to be too much standing. Even adding on an hour or two of standing in your regular 8 to 10-hour shift of your workday can bring noticeable health improvement.

Why you need a height-adjustable desk - pain relieve

Sitting for too long minimizes brain function. That is, staying put reduces blood flow, and hence the oxygen entering your bloodstream. And since the two components are required by the brain, your alertness and levels of concentration slow down. And the degenerative effects of sitting for too long are not limited to the short-term. research indicates long-term ailments such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Furthermore, our bodies are genetically designed to move. Well, unless we are dead. And while sitting for brief periods can help you recover from stress or recuperate from exercise; our bodies aren't built to sustain too much sedentary existence. The human body is structured with over 360 joints and 700 skeletal muscles that enable fluid and seamless motion. Our blood, on the other hand, depends on our movement to circulate properly. The nerve cells, our elastic skin, and literally every inch in our bodies benefit from movement.

But what can you do to counter the effects of too much sitting at work? The answer is, use a height-adjustable desk. And this leads us to our next section:

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