Tech Review: Tribesigns Modern Minimalist Computer Desk Buyer’s Guide

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Do you prefer to imagine out of the box? Umm, I guess most creative people do! Are you tired of using a traditional home office computer table? Then a large computer desk what you are looking for, right? A large computer table will enhance your working speed and significantly improve your writing and study. We always like to recommend quality products. In this case, we will introduce you to the tribesigns modern minimalist computer desk for your home office. Let's discover it is worth that much or not?


According to the website's overview, the desk is measured correctly from the top of the desk to the floor. But the supporting metal bars below the top board are not stated. The metal bars behind the desk shorten the desk's total height.

And you can found your thighs touching in a 90-degree-angle elevated shoulder to the metal bars. You had to raise your chair's height so that you could sit as close as possible to the metal bars.

In this case, your arms could still lie on your desk surface while working on the screen. It was awkward. The actual desk height to the floor's metal bars is around 26.5 inches—all in all, a perfect computer desk for the home office. It's also easy to set up and sturdy too.

Tribesigns Large Computer Desk Review

Looking for a modern and exclusive designed computer desk for your home office? Then you are on the right track! Let’s have a close look on some key features:

Multi-Color Desk


Tribesigns 55" comes in double colors (Rustic Brwon + Black). This particular desk is kept secure even on an uneven surface, with metal legs and flexible leg pads. This new machine desk is suitable for every home office or workplace with its open architecture style and clean aesthetics.

Robust Metal Structure

The metal structure and 1,97" thicker track legs provide durable reliability, robust enough to accommodate a machine all-in-one. On the other hand, the scratch-resistant laminate finish prevents regular wear and tear on the desk surface. If you love the dynamic things in your home, then this desk will desire a place from you.

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E1 thicker veneer particle table, you can write it directly. It is waterproof and can be washed very quickly. L55'x D23.6, so you can say it offers plenty of writing and computing workspace and other homework. Keep your home, and your room maintained and tidy.

Heavy Duty


The PC frame is constructed of high duty, stable and long life powdered steel, 1.97" x 1.97" large enough for heavy-duty plots. (Note: 0.59" on the desktop board)


It comes with flexible slip pads that hold the desks even on varying levels. No more wobbling! The desk is a type of mammal. It's robust, partially because of its heavy, metal legs. Will I ever want? I could sit on it or lie all right.

However, the black frame under the top of the table goes around the desk, meaning that a decent monitor arm can be clamped correctly. If you need cable and other wiring service hooks, don't worried anymore.

The desk is a type of beast. It's robust, partly because of its heavy metallic legs. I would be comfortable sitting or laying on it if I ever chose. The black frame behind the top of the table does reach around the desk edge, so a suitable display arm that can clamp correctly can be challenging to locate.

If you want cable and other wires to power hooks, the command strips fit the metal very well. Initial mounting was rapid, and packing is a masterclass.

Great For Gaming

You'll have a free stand to put your CPU in a clean and convenient spot, so your CPU doesn't get dirty because of ground touch. The floor itself would also be protected.

The desk is extensive and might look massive, but it weighs just approximately 41.4 lbs. Any game chairs weigh about the same thing. The desk has no wheels to shift around like a chair, so it's also positive, so the wheels get filthy quickly and are clear on the desk.

We think the only downside of the Tribesigns office, and maybe the only drawback is that there are no gaps in the wires. That's a little upset as some people are rating it as expensive. But if you want to purchase a desk for gaming, then it will be the top choice.

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Durable Steel Legs


The legs of this modern desk Tribesigns are very sturdy and made of pure steel. So it's unbelievably robust and straightforward to rely on, regardless of how large you will bring over the region.

The surface frame is also perfectly constructed with internal steel braces to protect the desk's desk and the desk's base, which is excellent.

The Tribesigns desk has no rough edges like other specific desks, with a cut-out L-shaped style that is flat even if it isn't circled.


  • The large size of this modern desk by Tribesigns provides you with ample wiggle space.
  • It considers as a gaming desk that can be fitted on more than one monitor.
  • A durable desk for your home office.
  • Extended warranty time.
  • The mount comes with a buckle design, making it simple to assemble and switch about as required.
  • The robust architecture is beautiful than what we used to see.
  • It comes in two excellent colors.


  • One of the significant drawbacks is the price. It seems like an expensive one.
  • A bit heavy desk to move from one place to another.

Bottom Line

There exist lots of home office desks. But not every product is as good as Tribesigns. The Tribesigns desk is a fast mover. If you want this gaming desk to get your side, you may wish to have it as soon as possible. In this modern era, as a modern desk, it will be a superb purchase to make this summer. The assembly of this desk is straightforward and provides lots of dynamic features. So why not Tribesigns?

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