Adjustable desk legs - Find the perfect height for your workspace

By Igor Ermakov June 18, 2023 12 Min Read

Adjustable desk legs have undeniable benefits that can make one’s work much easier. A lot of people have just recently discovered their charm and plan to establish their own professional workstation at the office or home. Thanks to the pandemic, people naturally reevaluated their past choices and tend to choose high quality but flexible desks that would secure their comfort during long working hours.

However, to pick one out of many products currently available in the market might be a bit tricky. If you are looking for perfect adjustable desk legs that would allow you to work in any position you want and even have some special features, we will provide you with some useful tips that will help you find the model that suits you the best.

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Adjustable desk legs have these 6 benefits

There is absolutely no doubt that sitting behind a desk for long hours has a negative impact on our health. According to the new statistics, about 30 % of people (aged 12 and up) spend most of their time sitting either at home or at work.

Why is sitting such a problem? It is an activity that does not look physically too demanding, yet maintaining this posture for most of the day eventually leads to several health issues that can have a negative impact on workers’ performance and most importantly on their health and quality of life.

Main reasons why each workspace should be equipped with height adjustable desk legs

Adjustable height of standing desk legs: They allow you to have some desirable movement during your office hours. The possibility to freely switch between sitting and standing position has many health benefits. While sitting, there is higher pressure on your lower back, which can lead to not efficient blood circulation in your legs.

Maintaining a straight back position for a longer period can lead to stiff shoulders and neck pain, which can also become a chronic problem. You can decrease the risk of developing chronic back pain by buying a high quality chair with an appropriate lumbar support location. Nevertheless the ideal solution would be a combination of a great office chair and adjustable legs for desk.

Flexibility: Adjustable standing desk legs are suitable for any height or weight. Providing you with individual comfort that suits your specific needs the best. You can easily adjust the height according to your body type and create a comfortable working zone.

Improved posture: While standing it is easier to maintain good posture and therefore lower the risk of suffering from chronic back pain. It also improves your blood flow, which leads to higher productivity. On the other hand, long sitting often leads to fatigue due to inefficient blood flow in the lower body.

Standing desks improves posture

Improved mental activity: There was a study conducted in 2016 (Texas A&M University) which found out that students who had been using standing desk legs in their classrooms could focus better and also had shown improvements in executive functions and memory. In other words, standing while learning/working can improve brain activity simply by increasing the blood flow.

Reducing the risk of injuries and health issues: The inability to move freely and be basically stuck in one uncomfortable position throughout the whole working hours can eventually lead to injuries or development of chronic diseases, which naturally lowers the productivity of employees.

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Saves money: Modern employers are not only interested in generating profits, but care more about their employees well-being and securing a safe and beneficial working environment. Installing desks with adjustable legs will boost employees' concentration and therefore allow them to work more efficiently. There will also be a decrease of chronic back problems which usually results in loss of profits due to the absence of affected employees.

Criteria for comparison

Do you have no clue how to start? Here are some basic criteria you should consider while choosing a desk with adjustable legs:

Weight capacity: This particular parameter is pretty crucial in order to choose the best fit for your work purposes. Think wisely before you order a desk with low or uselessly too high weight capacity. What are all the items you need to place on your desks? Do you prefer your table desk tidy and use only absolutely necessary items or do you need to establish a fully equipped and advanced workstation? To make it a bit easier for you, on a standard office desk are usually placed basic items that altogether weigh around 10 kg.

A bit more advanced work space that also incorporates some office accessories such as a pot with a plant, books, catalogs or lamp can hold around 25 kg. Therefore the average office adjustable computer desk legs have a weight capacity of 15 to 30 kg. Heavy duty adjustable desk legs can have a weight capacity over 100 kg.

Height adjustability range: It has to be compatible with your actual size. If you are not sure how to set the best range, you can use an online calculator that would help you count it precisely. The point is to adjust the table to your comfortable height, which should allow you to feel relaxed while typing on the computer (elbows at 90° while writing on pc). The height of the desk usually ranges from 60 to 130 cm. Based on the model adjustable legs can take up to 70 inch desk tops.

Stability: There is nothing more annoying than a wobbling table. In the past shaking was quite a common problem. Fortunately the developers have made quite a progress in the past 2 decades. Thanks to significant improvement and use of modern high quality materials the adjustable desk legs offer great stability.

Of course this rule does not apply on all products in general. Even though many producers use very stable and durable materials and reliable manufacturing technologies, not all follow the same strategy. If you want to make sure, your table will not wobble like a drunken sailor, do not go for suspiciously cheap products. Stability always depends on the material and technology used.

Office with standing desks

Ease of installation: The transition from low to high position should be as smooth as possible. The best are motorized desk legs (electric). If you are on budget, choose manual adjustable desk legs with good customer reviews considering that matter.

Customer reviews: If you do not have any practical experience with adjustable desk legs yet, do not forget to check reliable customer reviews. Always make sure if the reviewer is an actual verified customer and try to get the point of view from various sources. It is also a good idea to visit any showroom and inspect particular models personally.

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Price: The price of standing desk legs kits depends on many factors such as: size, weight capacity, material and other features (manual or electric) etc. There are a wide range of products available. You can find reliable pieces even if you have a limited budget and there are also plenty of advanced options with outstanding features and additional functions.

10 best standing desk legs comparison

You do not need to doom scroll through almost unlimited options. We have already done it for you. Here is the list of the 11 best adjustable desk legs of 2023:

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs/136 kg (while lifting)
Adjustability range: Set the heights from 28.5” to 47” (from 72.39 cm to 119.38 cm)
Stability: Industrial grade steel frame and legs with sturdy build
Ease of installation: Dual motor electric lift system (whisper-quit)
Customer reviews: 4.9 stars
Weight Capacity: 270 lbs/122.4 kg (while lifting)
Adjustability range: Suitable for tall people, set the heights from 28.5” to 49.1” (from 72.39 cm to 124.7 cm)
Stability: Strong steel design
Ease of installation: Noiseless dual motor (3 stages)
Customer reviews: 4.5 stars
Weight Capacity: 330 lbs/149.7 kg (3 lifting stages)
Adjustability range: Suitable for tall people, set the heights from 23.6” to 49.1” (from 59.9 cm to 124.7 cm)
Stability: Strong steel bild
Ease of installation: Quiet triple motor electric (15 years of warranty)
Customer reviews: 4.7 stars
Weight Capacity: 176 lbs/79.8 kg (while lifting)
Adjustability range: Set the heights from 28.3” to 46.5” (from 71.88 cm to 118.11 cm)
Stability: All steel material (legs with anti-slip pads)
Ease of installation: Powerful single motor electric lift system (55 db)
Customer reviews: 4.7 stars
Weight Capacity: Not stated (3 stages)
Adjustability range: Set the heights from 28.3” to 47.2” (from 71.88 cm to 119.88 cm)
Stability: Robust build
Ease of installation: Powerful electric motor (50 db)
Customer reviews: 4.7 stars
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs/113.4 kg
Adjustability range: 30-inch (76.2 cm) pipe furniture legs set
Stability: Industrial-grade black iron pipe legs
Ease of installation: Mounting flanges and screws
Customer reviews: 4.1 stars
Weight Capacity: 80 lbs/36.2 kg
Adjustability range: Set the heights from 27.5” to 45” (from 69.85 cm to 114.3 cm)
Stability: Sturdy metal construction (thicken steel and powder coating)
Ease of installation: Manual, compact and portable solution. Suitable for small spaces
Customer reviews: 4.3 stars
Weight Capacity: 30 lbs/36.2 kg
Adjustability range: Set the heights from 4.75” to 16.75” (from 12 cm to 42.54 cm)
Stability: Metal frame
Ease of installation: Manual, easy lift lever
Customer reviews: 4.4 stars
Weight Capacity: 176 lbs/79.8 kg
Adjustability range: Set the heights from 28.7” to 48” (from 72.89 cm to 121.9 cm)
Stability: Solid metal legs
Ease of installation: Upgraded durable motor (55 db)
Customer reviews: 4.3 stars
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs/136 kg
Adjustability range: Set the heights from 28” to 47” (from 71.12 cm to 119.38 cm)
Stability: Sturdy steel frame
Ease of installation: Electric hybrid motor (55 db)
Customer reviews: 4.4 stars


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Summarization of the Pros and Cons of the Best Adjustable Desk Legs Based on the Most Important Criteria

Type of Product Reviews/Stars Name Main Advantages Main Disadvantages Average price Actual price
Top product 4.9 Autonomous Edition Hybrid Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame for Home Office, Gaming, Computer * 4 custom height settings

* 300 lbs weight capacity

* Whisper-quiet

* Industrial-grade steel frame

only legs without table top Not stated Check Amazon
Great choice for tall people 4.5 PROGRESSIVE AUTOMATIONS Electric Standing Desk Frame Dual Motor * Adjustable height up to 49.1 inches

* High lifting weight capacity 270 lbs

* Noiseless transition

* 15 years warranty

* Without table top

* Slightly expensive

from 472.5 USD Check Amazon
L-shaped option 4.7 Standing Desk Corner Frame.Adjustable Height and Width Legs with Triple Electric Motors for Home Office L Shaped Desk * Triple motor

* Suitable for tall people

* Highest lifting capacity 330 lbs

* Collision detection feature

* Without table top

* Slightly expensive

from 680.15 USD Check Amazon
Affordable 4.7 ErGear Electric Stand up Desk Frame Height Adjustable Table Legs Sit Stand Desk Frame Ergonomic Standing Desk Base Workstation Frame Only * 3 level height memory function

* Includes all accessories for installation

* Less noise (55 db)

Without a table top from 169.99 USD Check Amazon
L-shaped with a hook 4.7 Totnz Electric Standing Desk, Height Adjustable Sit Stand up Desk, L-Shaped Memory Home Office Desk With Hook * Includes thick table top panel

* Silent motor (50 db)

* 3 height stages

Maximum height 47.2” from 239.99 USD Check Amazon
Vintage look 4.1 7Penn Metal Table Leg Set, 4pc - 30in Black Pipe Wrought Iron Coffee Table Furniture Legs Vintage Industrial Bench Pipes * Affordable

* Easy installation

* Sturdy metal pipes

* Manual

* Maximum height 30”

from 39.99 USD Check Amazon
Portable/Affordable 4.3 AIZ Mobile Standing Desk, Adjustable Computer Desk Rolling Laptop Cart on Wheels Home Office Computer Workstation, Portable Laptop Stand for Small Spaces Tall Table for Standing or Sitting * Fits to small spaces

* Strong construction

* 360 ° rotation wheels

* Portable

Only 80 lbs weight capacity from 79.99 USD Check Amazon
Quick and easy 4.4 Rocelco 32" Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter - Quick Sit Stand Up Dual Monitor Riser - Gas Spring Assist Tabletop Computer Workstation - Large Retractable Keyboard Tray * No assembly required

* Retractable ergonomic keyboard tray

* to be placed on the desktop

Low weight capacity
Slightly expensive
from 172.99 Check Amazon
Ideal for home office 4.3 Standing Desk, 48 x 24 in Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk Home Office Desks Sit Stand up Desk Computer Table with Memory Controller/Headphone Hook * Durable motor

* Child safety lock function

* Anti-collision and overload protection

* Headphones hook

Only available in rectangular shape from 140.63 USD Check Amazon
Reliable office equipment 4.4 Autonomous Edition Smart Hybrid Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame Classic Top, 28"-47" Height Range, 39"-70" Length Range * 4 height stages

* Strong construction

* Full set

* Hybrid dual electric motor

* 360 ° rotation wheels

Relatively costly from 530.23 USD Check Amazon


High quality aesthetic desk legs are definitely a useful addition to your work space. Adjustable desk can improve your concentration and reduce chronic back and neck pain. It will give you the freedom to decide whether you want to work while sitting or standing. Motorized desk legs are easily adjusted to desirable height just by pushing a button. You can also find plenty of affordable manual models with smooth installation mechanisms.

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