Things To Prepare To Create An Aesthetic Minimalist Desk Setup

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The way our surroundings appear can affect our work productivity and output either positively or negatively. So, Aesthetic minimalist desk setup in computer office is important. The distractions we allow to clutter our workplace have a way of negatively affecting both our bodies and our creativity. Obvious distractions like a blaring TV to less obvious ones like a bad seat can lead to us losing precious working time.

Which is why aesthetic minimalist desk setup in the workplace using computer ergonomics is very important. Once you eliminate all the unnecessary accruements cluttering up your space you subconsciously free your mind to focus on the work at hand. Ideally, your office space should only be made up of ergonomic devices like a computer, an ergonomic table and chair, keyboard and mouse with the goal being to keep everything to the bare minimum.

But of course an office that is too bare can in of itself become a distraction so here are some additions you can include to create the perfect office minimalist design:


Aesthetic Minimalist Desk Setup: shelves

Avoid open shelves especially empty ones as they can be quite distracting. Either move them to another room or arrange a few things in their like flowers or statuettes to keep them almost empty but still occupied.

Box for office stuff

For the little necessary things, you need around your office consider getting a box or drawer unit to keep them safe and away from your desk. This frees up space on your desk and stops it from being messy.


The idea of using books as an LCD monitor stand is neither ideal nor necessary. Books can be quite distracting as they have labels attached to me, are not solid and don’t even fit the office aesthetics. A special stand or box is highly recommended for your LCD monitors. Alternatively, you can use a monitor arm.


While it’s impossible to eliminate wires from the office we can always conveniently hide them. Make use of special cable management tools and only keep useful wires handy. You can move the rest to a drawer unit to avoid the chaotic look of excess cables.


Aesthetic Minimalist Desk Setup: macbook with flowers on the table

Flowers are pretty and can be relaxing for both and your clients. You could either go for natural or artificial versions as they give the same effect.

Beautiful office furniture

Aesthetic Minimalist Desk Setup: beautiful furniture

Beauty is calming so try to buy beautiful ergonomic devices for your office like ergonomic tables, drawer units, computers, keyboards etcetera. These are items we interact with daily and as such should get joy out of them. Only buy modern items made with good quality and interesting designs.

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During the COVID-19 many people don't have the access to the office and want to organize their workplace. Here is must have items for working from home.

And few more Aesthetic minimal desk setups:

Aesthetic Minimalist Desk Setup: laptop on the table
Aesthetic Minimalist Desk Setup: desk with computer, flower and lamp
Aesthetic Minimalist Desk Setup: iMac setup
Aesthetic Minimalist Desk Setup: iMac setup with lamp and flower

PS: Joy out of work

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Be healhty!

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