Which Are The Best Noise Cancelling Machines Suitable For Your Office?

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You must have had a struggle with concentration due to noise while working in your office. And that's why you opted to read this. Maybe, you are working in an open office or even in your personal office where co-workers may be talking to each other and making it hard for you to concentrate.

Worry not. We are going to look into ways in which you can do away with noise in your office.

Not only does noise affect your concentration while working but also can bring about serious health effects. In fact, you need to know the health effects from noise and how you can avoid them.

The best office cancelling machines for your office

Since you are tired of this noise let us look much into the best noise cancelling machines that can help you. Shall we?

A Lectrofan White Noise Machine With 20 Sounds And Sleep Timer

This is a well-designed noise cancelling machine that is designed from USA and actually backed by a 1,000 days satisfaction guarantee. Again, it provides ten fan sounds and ten ambient sound variations, White noise, Pink noise, and Brown noise. This means that you can just adjust the noise until it fits best to your working environment. It is very evident that this machine will make you concentrate in your work or study with ease.

In addition, there is no specific time you can use this. This means that it is usable both during the day and night. Also, it is entirely electric. This means that you will not expect to hear motor sound interrupting you. It's very cool.

Still, it comes in a sleek, compact design meaning that you can carry it with you since it's portable. This means that you can carry it with you to home and work. Maybe at home you also need to work or study. This will be a perfect one for you.

Lastly, it is safe, solid-state design is powered by AC or USB and dynamically creates unique, non-repeating sounds with no moving parts. This must be the perfect cancellation machine you are looking for.

What's best about Lectrofan white machine? It is easy to use it and adjust, non-looping, no echo sounds, and has a high quality audio that you don't need to struggle.

This is another super machine that lets you have peace of mind while working or studying. Many reviewers have given positive feedback about it and they are satisfied users. It has a very vibrant white noise that can block more sounds compared to other noise cancellation devices.

It has two prolonged plugs operating at 120V AC, 60Hz which is typical in the US, and it uses 18 Watts of energy to produce the sound. It has a weight of about 1.5lbs which makes you move it easily and even travel with it.

When it comes to functionality, this device is a bit different since it uses two speed-motors which are well covered by an adjustable acoustic casing. Unlike other noise cancellation devices which use electricity, the marpac dohm sound machine depends on the two motors.

The sound expected from this kind of machine is a bit loud due to the two speeding motors. It generates the sound mechanically and then disperses it evenly around the office. It also has a high and low adjustable tone. You can tilt the upper case which is movable to choose the level of tone that you are comfortable with.

What's cool about it? It has more than 5,000 satisfies customers, a very quality white noise sound and does not consume too much in terms of voltage.

This is a wonderful device that mimics the natural environment for a relaxing and cool environment. It has 6 soothing sounds where you have to chose from the six which are white noise, thunder, rainfall, ocean, summer night, and brook.

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It is portable and compact. Due to its light weight, it is easy to just fit it in your small bag or purse and carry it with you. This means that you can carry it with you at work and still use it at home. Yes. It can be used at home to make your baby rest and sleep at ease. All you need to do is just add rhythmic nature noises to the baby's sleeping routine.

It has an auto-off timer to play sounds continuously or choose from the three auto-off timer options that are 15, 30, and 60 minutes. All you need is just to pin it on the wall outlet with the AC adapter, or use 4 AA batteries. Mostly, it comes along with AC adapter and a Quick-start guide.

What's cool about it? I find it very cool because it has a lot of options where you can switch in to different sounds.

What's cool about it? Has quality natural sounds including heartbeat, waterfall, rain forest and songbird. Has an optional sleep timer that can be set for 15 minutes or even 60 minutes. It is great for travel.

Not so much: Short-term life span and also some sounds may make the speaker to start producing bad quality sounds due to the different sounds

The difference between the BRRC110 TO THE BRRC107 is that the BRRC110 is more advanced, has very quality features and smart look and also it produces sound quality different from the other hence more recommended than BRRC107,although they both are white noise equipment.

The BRRC110 has loud buttons, but produces good sounds which are ear friendly to the person using it. The importance of this type of equipment is that it stimulates the brain with a free disturbing environment and regulates the frequencies of the sound coming from it hence someone sleeps comfortably. It can also be used in the offices to minimize the louse noises coming form other workmates, coming from the outside like noise from construction sites, busy roads and other major places where noise pollution occurs from.

The devices dimensions are 3 by 6 by 2.80 inches making it sizeable enough to carry hence not bulk. This makes it user friendly hence the person using it cannot be tired whenever transferring it from one place to another. The device is connected to an AC adapter for charging whenever it runs out of power. Also whenever you travel and move to a place where there is no electricity, there are batteries that are provided for one's use in case they run out again of charge.

Significance of white noise cancelling machines in the workplace

A quiet and peaceful working environment is very essential as it gives you the best feeling and concentration whenever working on a certain project or whenever trying to be comfortable at our own personal space. White noise bring about some great advantages to someone in his or her working environment. Some noise is so distracting that you lose focus and concentration at work. Though these devices also play a bigger part in maintaining good health to a person as these sounds do not destroy the ear drums of a person and do not bring about pain in any body part because they are easily portable and are easily accessed and used.

The following are some of the importance of white noise to a person in the workplace;

Improves one’s memory and focus

This is a merit as when one listens to a white noise cancelling machine the sounds are effective and smooth enough hence relieving a person from hard day's work and pressure

Lessens symptoms of depression and stress in workplaces

In case someone had a long day or whenever in the work place someone gets pressure from colleagues or is undergoing mental stress, then whenever he uses this device the sounds might help in relieving his stress.

Improves the potentiality of someone having a very comfortable sleep during off hours

Someone might decide to take a nap during break hours in the workplace and during it he might use the device to listen to sweet soft sounds that might make him sleep off like a baby and it relaxes his exhausted mind.

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Enhances good quality attitudes and behaviours

Whenever someone is free from stress and depression there is a likelihood that his behaviour will likely change and be positive hence everything becomes easier including the attitude

Disadvantages of white noise in workplaces

May be harmful to your ear in case of long hours of listening to music

These sounds are not that good as like the ones from BRCC110 can damage the eardrums of a person as they are not of good quality and they can be damaging.


Someone can be always depending on this device so as to get peace of mind as well as good sleep hence this can be a very bad attitude hence it can deprive someone of sleep a condition called insomnia.

According to different research done, white noise is very suitable for high risk areas for noise pollution where people are extremely disturbed by excess sounds. It is advisable to listen to the devices not at a close range so as to avoid all those radiations coming from them.

Also these devices can used whenever someone travels and wants some alone time and also whenever they want to use it on their babies. Though they are not recommended to be excessively used on babies as they have harmful effects to them.

Factors to consider when choosing a noise cancelling machine for office

It is important to understand that as much as there are various noise cancelling machines, not all are essential for workplace use. Every device is essential in its own workplace setting depending on the type of device and workplace. These devices also help in muffling other sound disturbances like snores, dog barks, traffic and people shouts. To get the most appropriate white noise cancelling machine for your office make sure you note the following:


Your noise machine should not be too loud. This is because mostly the sounds from the device can be actually deafening to your ears and they could actually damage your hearing capability with time. Sound has different frequencies so in case you are also using it on another person for example a child, do not accelerate the volume levels to the topmost level that could be harmful. A better machine with good sound production would give you quality sleep even at low volume levels. So whenever you feel the need to purchase one device make sure you look at how its volume levels and sound quality is to avoid potential long term side effects to your body. Buy a machine that gives a good quality smooth and fined sound.

office noise cancelling machine - office with women

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Portable and easy to carry

A good device is the one that is very easy to carry and handle in case you are moving from one place to another. A bulky device not only drains your energy, but also wastes your time while carrying it from one place to another. Furthermore a portable device and a light one is easy to re-charge in case you are in a place where there is no electricity. Have you always wanted a device that makes your noise nuisance reduced, go for a good device that will make you feel easy when relaxing and when you do not want excess noise disturbances around you. Also when buying the device make sure you check its size measurements to make sure it's the correct one as you know cheap things are always expensive to maintain so who wants something that will be of burden to him?

Good quality and requirements

In this context, I mean purchase a device that is of good sound production, easy to use and has all the required tools, user manuals, buttons and charging ports. You do not want to buy a machine that could be giving you sleepless nights whereas you are looking for a unique comforting machine. The white noise cancelling machines also come with many levels for sound options. A few machines are also fitted with good sound systems that have whistles and bells that create a soothing atmosphere for a person.

Ease of use

When purchasing a white noise machine, the machine should be easy to use, simple and effective. This is very crucial in case you want to use it anywhere, anytime. Also make sure the machine has its own manual so as to assist you in using it effectively to avoid confusions.

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Power source

The point where the adapter is connected should also be checked if it is functional, well terminated and well located for easy access. It should also not be a machine that overheats whenever it is plugged in an electric source. When considering this, it is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the machine to ensure it has a longer storage capacity for the charge. In case you are travelling to a far place with no electricity access, then you should consider buying the battery using machines so as to fix them in case you want to use it. Although, these batteries need changing in case they also get worn out so you need to have a pair. Make sure you are always equipped with the required essentials and before purchasing make sure you get the correct required details of the machine.

Size of machine

These machines can vastly be of different sizes depending on the features, category and model. When purchasing these machines check on their dimensions so as to have a machine that is still not bulky as stated above. This ensures that the machine is an easy one for transportation. You don't want to carry a heavy machine that looks like a P.A system so heavy to carry.

Function ability and durability

When purchasing the machine, check also on the function ability of the machine as most machines you might purchase in your favorite shop then after a month it gets damages or just shuts off unexpectedly when for you might be having the best sleep ever. Machines are prone to failure anytime so you must check on something that gives you service for at least two years without any damages or problems.

Smart features

You better purchase a machine that is more advance and something that efficient working tools and buttons. Do not go to the local nearest wholesale shop and purchase a machine that is old dated and is one of the oldest generations in history. Cheap is good, but also check on the perspective of your health and comfort.

Sound system

Some machines come along with a boosting outer speaker and activate the voice features. It cuts out any background sounds and puts the children to sleep faster. Make sure also the machine gives out the best sound quality for your benefit.

Automated and customizable options

The machine should be able to shut down after using it within an hour. These machines come with various customizable options to help the user in controlling the machine well and in a good way. Also, the machine has easy to use buttons that are not hard to press whenever using it.

Cost Effective

Also another important factor when purchasing a white noise machine is to consider the cost as cheap machines will not be having the functional and durability conditions as the expensive one. Some of the features in the less expensive machines might be not one that can be found in the expensive so it is wise to purchase something perfect.


Obviously the white noise machines are of different types so you must purchase something that is more advanced because machines are being created daily so these machines advance and the ones that are out of the market are worn out. So it is good to have proper machines for your comfort.


All the white noise machines mentioned above are efficient and cost effective. The machines differ as stated before according to different working environments as the machines used during exercises and work outs are differently purposed to the ones used in offices. Some people consider purchasing something depending on its effectiveness and funtionability. Do not buy something because it is the cheapest one or by the looks. Some machines can be sold in the black markets as second hand machines and they obviously would not work effectively as the ones sold first hand.

This means you should not rely on outlooks, but on the general test of the machine itself and make sure you also get good machines. The ones that use batteries make sure you purchase them with extra batteries that will make be of great help in case you face a situation where you have no option of charging. Then the machines make sure they have USB ports that are easy to use because some machines might be having ports that are not efficient. The adapters also should be very efficient and not the ones that overcharge.

It is very good to have a good sleep with no disturbance and no excess noise. These noise canceling machines are very good servants, but also good bad masters. So you should be very careful when using them. As usual, do not place the machines near you when charging as they may be very dangerous so use them wisely and effectively.

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