All you need to know about computer ergonomics

What To Do To Have An Ergonomic Workstation Setup

One of the important things in a computer ergonomics is about a computer desk. We all have heard about health problems caused by sedentary work. Neither regular breaks during work nor physical exercises can free you from discomfort from sitting on a chair completely. Let's have a look how to setup an ergonomic workstation setup properly!

My personal recommendation is to alternate sedentary work with work in standing position. You might have heard about work at standing position, which enables to transfer the load from one muscles of a body to other ones and to relax neck and back muscles. To make it possible you can either buy a special table with height adjustment or a special support for a usual table.

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The Ultimate Guide To Build Your Own Adjustable Standing Desk

After months of home office from the same sitting position, how are you feeling now? Well? Not well? So-so? Ask this question to my posture. Within just three months of a home office, the result of long-term sitting work was being seen. But now! Now I have something amazing to deal with the issue. A height-adjustable desk! Sounds costly or a burden to your pocket? With your existing table and monitor ARM you can build your own adjustable standing desk! Lets' do it!

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An Expert Reviews 2 lkea Desks Perfect for Small Office Spaces

Have you ever gotten analysis paralysis when searching for the perfect desk? There are so many options to choose from that it can feel overwhelming. And as soon as you find the desk you want, you’ll find a negative review that makes you rethink your purchase. We’ve all been there. Purchasing a desk is a big decision. The desk is not only the central furniture piece in your office space, but it’s also the place you’ll spend the majority of your time. So, it only follows that you’d want to make a well-informed decision about the workspace you’ll spend most of your day using. That’s why we’re reviewing two popular lkea desks that are perfect upgrades to your small office space and definite staples with their modern and sleek design.

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