All you need to know about computer ergonomics

Health Effects Of Noise In The Workplace And How You Can Reduce It

Noise is a common complaint raised by employees in corporate office settings. In fact, surveys have shown that employees care more about interior acoustics than cleanliness, office furniture, and temperature. But health effects from noise can be serious.

This is especially true in open concept offices where employees are all working in a large space with little to no separation. A busy, noisy workplace constantly filled with activity can be distracting and can significantly impact productivity. That said, a noisy workplace is more than just an annoyance; several studies have shown that noise in the office can also impact stress, while lowering job satisfaction and employee morale.

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Home Office Essentials: Three Must Have Items For Working From Home

We all know that going to work daily can sometimes get quite boring with all the morning traffic, getting ready to look presentable enough and what not! But what if you get to work from home daily? Well, in the current situation, work from home is the new normal. Hence, in order to be comfortable while working from home and be productive at the same time, you definitely need some inspiration to make your workspace cozy and dynamic. Let's have a look at must have items for working from home.

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Computer Ergonomics 101: Where To Put A Desk Lamp

Proper desk lamp placement is key to working and reading without straining your eyes. Light settings affect your productivity at work or in the study. That is why it is crucial that you place your lighting appointments and fixtures appropriately. So, where to put a Desk Lamp?

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The Benefits of Getting A Desk With Standing Option

Want to say goodbye to your ancient stationery desks? A desk with a standing option is not only quick to adapt to new assignments but is a trendy move in today's dynamic world of business as a buffer to certain types of degenerative ailments. Our bodies don't get any better by sitting all day long for 8 to 10 hours per day. And that's why an adjustable desk is a vital piece of equipment in our daily workspace.

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Simple Ideas to Make Your Small Office More Feng Shui

It’s easy for an office space to feel dreary and stressful. The pressure of work can get to us, and our office can become a space filled with nothing more than projects and deadlines. If that is what your office space has become, there are simple ways to transform your area to be a place you want to be in. Part of that transformation requires decorating your room to be peaceful and calming rather than stressful and anxiety-inducing. Setting up your workspace in the style of Feng Shui can aid you in achieving this, so if you’re looking for the best small office feng shui office layout, here are a few ideas to get you there!

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