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Health Effects Of Noise In The Workplace And How You Can Reduce It

Noise is a common complaint raised by employees in corporate office settings. In fact, surveys have shown that employees care more about interior acoustics than cleanliness, office furniture, and temperature. But health effects from noise can be serious.

This is especially true in open concept offices where employees are all working in a large space with little to no separation. A busy, noisy workplace constantly filled with activity can be distracting and can significantly impact productivity. That said, a noisy workplace is more than just an annoyance; several studies have shown that noise in the office can also impact stress, while lowering job satisfaction and employee morale.

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Which Are The Best Noise Cancelling Machines Suitable For Your Office?

You must have had a struggle with concentration due to noise while working in your office. And that's why you opted to read this. Maybe, you are working in an open office or even in your personal office where co-workers may be talking to each other and making it hard for you to concentrate. Worry not. We are going to look into ways in which you can do away with noise in your office.

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