All you need to know about computer ergonomics

Modern Recliners Ultimate List: Top 5 Modern Recliners For Small Spaces

Do you use to work in front of your computer desk for a long time? Then you might suffer from ridiculous back pain. So what you need a portable solution? Modern recliners for small spaces can be the proper solution.

A recliner is an armchair or couch that reclines as the occupant lowers the back and lifts the front of the chair. It has a tilting backrest and, in some cases, a footrest that can be extended with a lever on the side. On the other hand, this chair extends automatically while the back is reclined.

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Where Should My Lumbar Support Be? The Do’s and Don’ts of Lumbar Support

Do you ever feel like back pain end of the working day? Do you discomfort while using laptops and unable to maintain proper posture? Do you wish there was a way to improve the ergonomics and wellbeing of the workplace?

If you recognize all of these symptoms, you can need a lumbar support cushion. Where should my lumbar support be? Continue reading to find out more about these cushions and where to put lumbar support in your office chair.

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Why Do We Experience Neck And Shoulder Pain From Sitting At Computers?

Neck & Shoulder pain has become a common issue in this modern era of technology. Do you know why? The enhancement of technology is the primary reason for it. We now spend a lot of time in front of our computer. A long time sitting at the computer can cause severe pain in the neck and shoulder part of our body. So the neck and shoulder pain from sitting at the computer now becomes a hot topic worldwide. Thus, we are here to identify the cause of neck and shoulder pain and discuss how to reduce this pain.

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Tech Review: Tribesigns Modern Minimalist Computer Desk Buyer’s Guide

Do you prefer to imagine out of the box? Umm, I guess most creative people do! Are you tired of using a traditional home office computer table? Then a large computer desk what you are looking for, right? A large computer table will enhance your working speed and significantly improve your writing and study. We always like to recommend quality products. In this case, we will introduce you to the tribesigns modern minimalist computer desk for your home office. Let's discover it is worth that much or not?

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The Ultimate Guide To Build Your Own Adjustable Standing Desk

After months of home office from the same sitting position, how are you feeling now? Well? Not well? So-so? Ask this question to my posture. Within just three months of a home office, the result of long-term sitting work was being seen. But now! Now I have something amazing to deal with the issue. A height-adjustable desk! Sounds costly or a burden to your pocket? With your existing table and monitor ARM you can build your own adjustable standing desk! Lets' do it!

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The Benefits of Getting A Desk With Standing Option

Want to say goodbye to your ancient stationery desks? A desk with a standing option is not only quick to adapt to new assignments but is a trendy move in today's dynamic world of business as a buffer to certain types of degenerative ailments. Our bodies don't get any better by sitting all day long for 8 to 10 hours per day. And that's why an adjustable desk is a vital piece of equipment in our daily workspace.

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The Simplest DIY Lifting Desk Guide

Some DIY standing desks are fixed in one place with a non-adjustable height option while others can convert from a regular sitting desk to a standing desk by crank or motorized adjustment knobs. Besides, building your desktop platform means you have the freedom of design, wood, and color choice. and you don't have to worry even if you are new to woodworking because there are a couple of options for starters (and we shall get into that later).

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Computer Ergonomics 101: Where To Put A Desk Lamp

Proper desk lamp placement is key to working and reading without straining your eyes. Light settings affect your productivity at work or in the study. That is why it is crucial that you place your lighting appointments and fixtures appropriately. So, where to put a Desk Lamp?

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Tech Review: Is Apple Trackpad Ergonomic?

You may be surprised that Macbook users rarely use a computer mouse, preferring the built-in touchpad. And this solution has a lot of advantages. But since we review the devices primarily because of ergonomics, the built-in solutions do not interest us. Instead, we are considering external solutions that would work in conjunction with an external keyboard. The question is: is apple trackpad ergonomic? I strongly advise you to look at the external trackpad Apple Trackpad 2.

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