Monitor Stand Riser

  • Reduce neck pain – especially hours of sitting in front of a standard computer monitor causes all sorts of aches and pains to your body. You can now take action and feel better by simply elevating the monitor using the monitor stand as this reduces stress on your neck, shoulders and your back while promoting a straight posture and reducing problems for your body.
  • USB charger monitor stand – unique stylish unit provides 4 arm reach charging ports right at your fingertips on your desktop to charge your mobile phone, plug in your hard drives/power banks, desk fans, table lamps and anything that has a USB connection.
  • Protect your keyboard – away from dust and spilled coffee when you are not using your computer pc or laptop, simply tuck the keyboard under the monitor stand keeping your keyboard clean and new also away from spilled coffee!. get yours today before we sell out
  • More desk space – make the most of your workspace. Our unit provides extended room for keeping your desk organized and tidy, sometimes these monitor stand desk organizers and accessories are the best solutions when it comes to smart working professionals.
  • sturdy platform - measures 21.6 x 6.6 x 1.6 inch, supports up to 27-inch monitors and regular full-size keyboards.